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Crate Training Made Easy


A very important ‘first thing’ to teach your puppy or ‘new to you’ dog is to love his crate. Your pup’s crate is his sanctuary! Teaching your puppy to be comfortable in his or her crate will ensure that both you and your puppy get a good night’s sleep and will enable you to have a life away from pup without worrying about coming home to a destroyed house. So many times I meet owners who have “felt sorry” for their pup and taken it out of the crate as soon as he makes one little peep. This innocent act… Read More

How to Potty Train Your Puppy


Do you have a new puppy or adult dog in your family? Are you planning on adding a new puppy or adult dog soon?  Spring brings warmer weather, green grass and sunshine – ideal conditions for a new furry companion. The most common question that I am asked by people adding a new dog to their home is “what is the first thing that I should teach my puppy?” Over the next several issues I will discuss many “first things” that are important to teach your puppy. Let’s start with what is most important to YOU. By far the number one issue that… Read More