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About Karen Laws


Karen has over 30 years of experience and a reputation for building trusting and respectful relationships with dogs and their owners. She improves canine behaviour and solves problems that others say are impossible to fix.

My career as a professional wildlife biologist and certified elementary school teacher – is a perfect combination to help people improve their dog’s behaviour to have the dog of their dreams.

My fascination with dogs began when I accompanied my father and his beagles on Saturday afternoon hunting trips. My first dog was a black Labrador retriever (Blythe’s Duff). Our journey together set me on the path of a life-long devotion to training dogs.

That was only the beginning!

In the mid 80’s I started training retrievers for competitive field trials. Since then, I have successfully trained numerous Labrador retrievers to the esteemed title of field trial champion.

I have always trained my dogs to be good citizens. I have trained my personal dogs and clients’ dogs for certification as Therapy Dogs for visits to hospitals and nursing homes. By starting at an early age, I have successfully learned the powerful skill of building relationships with dogs to positively influence their behaviour. Without the ability to build a relationship of trust and respect with a dog; understanding and solving dog problems would not be possible.

Dogs’ personalities are as individual and unique as those of humans. I recognize that there is not a single training tool or approach that suits every dog. I have acquired skills and expertise that enables me to read dog behaviour and body language and to apply whichever approach will get the desired results for each dog and owner team, while ensuring a happy attitude for both!

I am Ontario’s best remote collar pet dog trainer. For more than thirty years I have continued to hone my skills to get exceptional results with this humane training tool. My focus is to create a happy dog through building confidence, balancing state of mind and transforming behaviour.

My promise to you
“I am firmly committed to lifelong learning through hosting, presenting and attending workshops and seminars to improve my professional skills for the betterment of dogs and their owners. As Director and Past President of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) I have an extensive network of other accomplished canine professionals to collaborate, learn and share ideas and to solve dog behaviour problems.

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