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My Guarantee

Take the LeadTM training works. I am so confident in my training methods that I guarantee them for the life of your dog!
This guarantee covers all training that is originally established with Karen when booking your dog. Don’t hesitate to ask about this guarantee during your consultation!
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about this Guarantee.

1. How is it possible for me to offer lifetime support?
It’s actually quite simple. My training methods are effective and I work closely with owners in a way that easily connects them with their dog … for life.Your happy puppy will be relaxed and well behaved when he/she comes home to you. During our 90-minute graduation session, I will show you how to keep your dog at its best behavior for life. Your dog will receive a graduation portrait and certificate and within a few days of returning home, you will receive a step-by-step tutorial to help guide you and your new lifestyle with your dog. You will both be happy campers! With all of this support, it’s highly unlikely that you or your dog will ever experience a loss of training.

2. What if I do experience loss of training?
Pick up the phone and give me a call. Telephone behavior consultations are free for the life of your dog. However, I rarely receive these calls since my training and orientation are enough in most cases. If you do ever need to call then don’t hesitate. Most issues can be resolved easily on the phone.

3. What if a phone call doesn’t fix my problem?
In the super rare event that you are not satisfied with your dog’s behavior following a telephone consultation, then you can simply book a no-charge appointment to bring your dog back to our training facility. We will work together to solve the issue, at no charge. If for some reason you don’t have time to travel to me, then I will travel to you – although a travel charge will apply to such situations.

4. What if my dog really needs further training after that?
If after another in-person appointment your dog is still having problems then you can bring him/her back to our facility where I will work with your dog until the problem is resolved. No additional training charges apply in this case. However, if your dog stays overnight at our facility then a small boarding fee will apply on a ‘per-night’ basis. Again, if you don’t have the time to bring your dog to me, then I will pick him/her up and deliver him/her back to you. In this case, a travel charge will apply.
5. Will my dog ever misbehave again?
The above scenarios are extremely rare but dogs will be dogs. They have free will and no form of dog training can guarantee that your dog will never, ever misbehave again. Take the Lead™ is effective and long-lasting. Bundled with the step-by-step handbook that you receive during orientation, most behaviour issues (if they even come up) will be minor. In most cases, clients never have to call or receive additional training.

Comments From Our Satisfied Clients: