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Be The Pack Leader

‘Be the Pack Leader’ is a two-hour private behaviour assessment and training needs package tailored to meet the specific training and education needs of owners and their dogs or puppies. ​

During the session, we will create a clear vision of your relationship with your dog.  You will learn tips and training techniques to begin your journey to create the canine companion that you’ve always wanted. By the end of the session, you will have the training information that you need to make an informed decision on the next steps to lead to the lifestyle that you desire with your dog.

This two-hour package is available as a Zoom session in two one-hour sessions. The face-to-face package can be used as two sessions of one hour each or two hours in one session.

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Boarding and Training for Dogs and Puppies

In our Boarding and Training school, your dog is assigned a personal trainer. Your dog lives with its personal trainer to build trust and to accelerate results. While at school your dog lives within a daily structure and routine that builds trust, and enhances learning to accelerate transformation of your dog’s behaviour. We focus on building complete coping and obedience skills to create a calm, confident dog who is well behaved at all times in all places. By graduation your dog will be fully prepared to live in harmony with you.

Each training day includes multiple, scheduled social and structured training sessions of varying duration. New experiences, fun, and respectful social time with other dogs and people in real-world environments are part of your dog’s regular school day. The routine that your dog learns at school will easily fit into your daily schedule at home to make it easy for you to maintain your dog’s transformed behaviour following graduation.

Our unique Boarding and Training school program trains your dog and provides private coaching for you, and your family. While your dog is learning and enjoying every day adventures at school, you will receive real time updates with photos and video clips. You will be directly involved in learning to ‘talk dog’ with your dog through private training sessions at the mid-point of the program, at graduation, and for up to three follow sessions as your schedule allows.

Each dog has its own unique training needs and learning ability. Your dog’s training program will be specifically tailored to meet its unique needs for a total behaviour transformation into the companion that you can love for life! 

We only accept a maximum of two dogs at a time into Boarding and Training School. Spaces fill up quickly, so call today to reserve your dog’s space for your dream life together!

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Be Your Own Hero

Private Lessons for Puppies and Adult Dogs

The goal of ‘Be Your Own Hero’ private training sessions is to teach you how to consistently be the leader that your puppy or dog need and can trust for your life of harmony together.

Our private lessons are tailored to build your leadership skills for confidence and compliance for you and your dog together. During each private session, we work with you and other family members who are part of your dog’s life to ensure that everyone is on the ‘same paw’.

Custom training packages are offered in a choice of four, six or eight private lessons of up to 60 minutes each. Lessons are scheduled weekly or twice a week. The lessons start at our campus and advance to real life adventures in public places like banks, and retail stores where dogs are allowed when both you and your dog are ready.

Spaces are limited and fill up quickly. Reserve your space and get started today on your Hero’s Journey to the Dog of Your Dreams!

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Alumni Boarding and Training

‘Peace of Mind’ is an alumni training program that is available exclusively for our Boarding and Training Superstar graduates!

We are committed to helping protect your training investment and your dog’s education following graduation from Boarding and Training School. Our Peace of Mind Alumni program is available exclusively for our Boarding and Training Superstar graduates. Whether you are going away on vacation, have a special event at your home that cannot include your dog or just want to keep your dog sharp on everything learned at Boarding and Training School, we provide Peace of Mind for you and your dog. Each Peace of Mind Alumni returns to their original or more advanced curriculum​, depending on what is needed for your Dream Dog lifestyle. Spaces are limited.

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