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Here is what people are saying



From Steve and Christine – Owners of Benson, GSP.

Hi Karen,

Christine and I just wanted to commend you on your level of dedication and professionalism for what you do.

You are a top notch trainer, and amazing at what you do! Keep up the great work!


Charlotte and Ashley with Calvin

Hi Karen, hope you had a nice Canada long weekend!

We had a successful weekend with Calvin at the cottage! We took him on several walks on leash but mostly off. He absolutely loved his walks and was a tired happy puppy. We had a few opportunities to play hide and seek when he got ahead and he always came back looking. The one test was walking down our cottage pathway and he was slightly ahead. He had a choice to either go up where the action was or turn back and look for us (hiding). He made the right choice and came running back looking 😀. Lots of time spent in the water, which he couldn’t get enough of! Everyone was so impressed with how calm and obedient he was. At one point there were 10 people sitting on the dock and Calvin was on “his place” and totally calm. He greeted all with 4 paws on the ground. 😊 Lots of social time with other dogs and people, all went really well. We could go on and on about how successful the weekend went and how happy we 3 are. Will continue thanking you a million times and will be sure to send more updates!

Charlotte and Ashley


From Jessica with Millie

Hi Karen,

I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. While Millie isn’t a perfect dog (probably due to my own shortcomings as a leader), I’ve been putting the tools you taught us to good use and she’s come so far. People often comment on what a good dog she is.

Tonight we hit a milestone: I made her sit in her place (the couch) when I answered the door for the pizza delivery man. Ordinarily when I’m alone and a new male is present she’s very cautious. And while she whined and barked a bit, she didn’t move an inch until I allowed her to break. I never thought she’d be so obedient.

Thank you for showing us how to be a team and for giving me the tools to lead her in the best way possible!



From Anne with Riley

Hi Karen,

Just thought I would give you an update on Riley.

He has become a really good and obedient dog. His door manners are perfect. He will never leave ahead of me and when we come home he sits quietly at the door while I get out of my outer clothes and does not move until I clean him up. I take him for hour long runs in the fields, mostly without collar, and he comes immediately when called. He trots along beside me when on leash, much improved.

He is a real joy and I owe that all to the training that you provided while he was with you. I thank you very much for that, it has made all the difference. I wish you were closer so we could visit periodically and Riley could board with you while I am away.

I hope all is well with you.
Best regards, Anne


Lilly’s New Visitor

Just thought I’d drop a line about Lilly and our visitor at home today.

My friend was absolutely terrified of our dog the last time he was here, today he came for a visit after our golf round. I assured him Lilly was a completely different dog since we had begun training with you and he had no worries. Yet he was still hesitant to come over I gave him the same info you told the couple who “helped” us in our one session… if she gets in your space just cross your arms and take your space back. Well this is just what he did and it worked like a charm, in combination with her willingness to take direction from us.
This was a spectacular experience for Lilly meeting and accepting someone new in the house!!!!

Thank you so much for all the insight you have given us to handling situations inside and outside of our house.

Lilly has become the companion that we have been waiting for!!!


Brad Weake

3 months after graduation: Here is what Bear’s owner says:“Bear is doing FANTASTIC! The course is obviously closed for the season, but don’t tell that to Bear….. he gets his collar on every morning and is ready to go to “work”. We walk parts of the golf course three times a day and he is a great listener now. With other people and dogs wandering around the course, he stays with me and NEVER runs off to “visit” others.
One of the nicest parts (selfishly) is that he is very content just relaxing at night with the family!
Karen, You and your team went above and beyond, making sure Bear learned and understood what the new expectations are. He is a pleasure to “work” with and great to “relax” with once we go home at the end of the day.
Brad Weake
Supervisor of Tyandaga Golf Course
Tyandaga Golf Course
Community Services Division


From Priscilla Lo:

I got Ariel in Saudi Arabia from the humane society.
She had a number of issues such as chewing, pulling, jumping the fence in the backyard, and lots of aggressive behavior to the point where my family was reluctant to care for her any longer.
After a long search, I discovered Karen and she was a Godsend to both Ariel and I. Ariel stayed at boarding school for almost 5 months while I finished up my contract overseas throughout which I got great updates every few days from Karen about her progress. When we picked her up, she was a completely different dog. She was a happy confident dog.
It has been 6 months now and she still keeps up all her good behavior she learned from Karen and her pack. She is the best-behaved dog in my building and we get compliments all the time. Anytime I have any questions Karen is just a text or phone call away.
By training my little wild desert dingo of a dog into a well-behaved pup, Karen was the best thing that’s happened to Ariel and has made my life with Ariel so much better, thank you so much Karen 🙂


Stanley and Finn Doodles

Just want to give you an update!
Boys are both doing great in the house and we are doing lots of place work and door bell ringing and door opening etc.
We took him for a groom today and there was another dog, he barked and then I squared my body to him and had him sit and kept the leash nice and loose and he stopped! I was surprised he didn’t keep it up so he is for sure progressing (or maybe it’s me progressing hahaa)
We are so pleased with all the work you have done with them! They are much easier to enjoy now!
Thank you again and I’ll send more updates next week when we are Away and get plenty of off leash stuff in!
Take care,
Brittany and Bryan