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Interpreting Pet Food Ingredients


On our last issue, we took a closer look at the truth behind the words used by pet food manufacturers to convince you, the consumer, that their product is the best for your pet. This month, learn more about interpreting pet food labels to determine what is best to feed your canine pal. Discover the truth behind the ingredients list, guaranteed analysis, minimum and maximum content, natural vs. organic quality and ‘human grade’ ingredients. 1. INGREDIENTS LIST The labeling rules for food ingredients require manufacturers to list ingredients in descending order by weight before processing. Some ingredients, like whole meats, are wet when added and may… Read More

The Truth Behind Pet Food Industry


On our previous issue, we have discussed regulations of the pet food industry and introduced the elements of pet food packaging which includes Best Before Date and what it really means; Display Panel that faces the aisle for you to see; and the Information Panel located in not-so-obvious places on the side or back of the package. For this month’s issue, let’s take a closer look at the truth behind the words used by pet food manufacturers to convince you that their product is what’s best for your pet.  We will explore the real deal behind the ‘complete and balanced diet’… Read More

Pet Food Regulation and Labels – Can You Believe it?


Commercial dog food has changed considerably over the years. When I trained my Labs for field trial competition in the 1990’s, there were only a few high performance brands available and it was easy to find the best food to match the performance requirements of my dogs. Fast-forward to 2017 and the diversity of brands and range in quality of commercial kibble available on today’s pet food market is mind-boggling. How do you choose the best kibble for your pet? Interpreting the information provided on pet food package labels can be daunting. Price is not always the best indicator of… Read More

Why Does Your Dog Do That!? – Diffusing the Explosion


I receive a number of inquiries from people struggling with dog reactive behaviour towards another dog. The situation may be in a multi-dog household, or a dog reacting when on leash or social situations where fights erupt for no obvious reason. If you have one or more dogs who seem to continuously erupt at other dogs, it seems natural to reprimand the dogs who are doing the ‘erupting’. You may find yourself yelling, yanking their leash or whatever it takes to get them to stop. Without knowing it, you may be inadvertently contributing to the problem and creating a sense… Read More