Behaviour Evaluation and Training Needs Assessment for Canine and Puppy Training

‘Be the Pack Leader’ is a two-hour private behaviour assessment and training needs session tailored to the specific training and education needs of owners and their dogs or puppies. 

During the session, you and your dog will consult with our team to create a clear vision of your relationship with your dog and to learn what training and education may be needed to create the kind of lifestyle that you desire together. During the session you will learn tips and training techniques to connect you with your dog as a beginning to create the canine companion that you’ve always wanted. By the end of the session, you will have the training information that you need to make an informed decision on the next steps recommended to lead to the lifestyle that you desire with your dog.

applying to Be The Pack Leader: Behaviour evaluation and training needs assessment program

If you are interested in Be The Pack Leader: Behaviour Evaluation and Training Needs Assessment please fill out the doggy profile and training needs assessment form and one of our team members will be in contact with you to book your spot.

Please contact us for current program pricing.

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