Private Lessons

Do you want to be part of your dog’s learning journey, every step of the way? Do you want your dog to see you as the ultimate teacher and pack leader?

The goal of the ODT ‘Be Your Own Hero’ private training package is to teach you how to be the leader that your dog needs and can trust for your life of harmony together.

Our private lessons are tailored to your specific needs to create the life that you want with your dog. We work with you and other family members who are part of your dog’s life to ensure that everyone is on the ‘same paw’.

Each custom training package consists of four or more private lessons of up to 60 minutes each. Lessons are scheduled weekly or twice a week. The lessons may start at our campus or at your home and advance to real life adventures in public places like banks, and retail stores where dogs are allowed.

By graduation, you will understand how to consistently apply proper timing, energy and concise verbal markers and cues to effectively ‘talk dog’. You will learn proper use of training tools to motivate your dog to work with you with heart and soul. Your dog will happily walk nicely on leash with you, will politely meet and greet people and other dogs, will keep all four feet on the floor and mouth off skin and so much more.

Creative distractions including other dogs, people, and traffic are introduced in a safe way to ensure that everyone knows what to do before bad stuff happens.​

Private lessons are scheduled by appointment.

If you are interested in Be Your Own Hero: Private Lessons please fill out the doggy profile and training needs assessment form and we will contact you to book your spot.

Please contact us for current program pricing.

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