So … you have a new dog or puppy and are excited to get to the ‘best dog ever’ part! Have you read all about raising a puppy or training a new dog? Are you still confused? Just when you think that you have this ‘training thing’ figured out your dog does something that totally confuses you! How do you get started or know what to do next? HELP!!

Would your life (and your dog’s life) be more enjoyable if you could just follow a simple training system to have a good dog?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘magic wand’ that you can wave to instantly create the perfect dog or puppy. There are, however, steps you can take that when followed consistently, will shape your puppy’s behaviour to ultimately lead to your best dog ever!


The T.R.I.B.E Training System is driven by the philosophy of Training Time is All the Time. This simple 5-element system teaches you how to train your dog while you live your life! When you live in accordance with the T.R.I.B.E system, your ‘training’ will become your ‘lifestyle’ and before you know it … your dog will become your best dog ever!


Training your dog is more than teaching the simple mechanics for obedience. Living in harmony with our dogs means that ‘training’ happens 24/7.

From the time they enter our lives, our dogs are always watching and learning from us. They miss nothing and often know us better than we know ourselves. The information gathered and processed by our dogs enables them to find their advantage in their daily life with us. In reality, training time IS all the time, because either you are training your dog, or your dog is training you! The good news is that you get to choose!

Did you know that you can create desired behaviour with your dog simply by being aware of ‘training’ opportunities in your daily life?! When you are ‘aware’ of how your energy and behaviour continuously influence your dog’s behaviour you can easily manage yourself in a way that helps your dog become a dog that you can love for life. In reality, training your dog becomes your lifestyle.

When you live with your dog according to the following guiding principles, trust is built and training happens. The added bonus is that you will be connected to your well-behaved dog who is ‘in tune’ with you!


Everything that you do with and for your dog influences your relationship. Happy, balanced relationships are built on trust. Trust is the cornerstone that motivates your dog to learn with you.


You get what you pet! To get the behaviour that you want from your dog, praise what they do right, rather than focusing on what they do wrong! For example, when your dog sits rather than jumping up, say “Good Sit!”  If he jumps on you, step into his space and say “no, Sit”. Your dog cannot jump on you and sit at the same time. When you praise for what you expect, your dog will know what is expected and the bad stuff will be avoided!


Leadership is influence.   Dogs seek and respect predictable, benevolent leadership. However, if leadership is not present, they will act to fill the gap in a way that is generally not conducive to living a harmonious life with humans. When you positively influence your dog’s life with your calm energy and predictable behaviour, your dog will accept that you are a leader that can be trusted. When predictable leadership is present, trust can be expected and learning can accelerate.


Be Proactive, NOT reactive.  Leaders plan ahead and are always prepared for the inevitable before it happens. Your dog will follow you and respond as you wish when you show that you’ve got your dog’s back in any situation.  to act at any step in their plan. By engaging your plan, you will be one or more steps ahead of your dog’s next move, so that you can change your dog’s mind before bad stuff happens.


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