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As the warm weather approaches and you prepare to head to the Dog Park for a romp with your furry pal, here are five tips to help you and your dog to enjoy the Pawty!


People and dogs are creatures of habit. Taking your dog to the park at the same time each day improves your dog’s chances of being accepted into the social pack of that time. In addition, your dog will love the consistency of a romp with his friends at the same time each day. Do some scouting before you arrive with your dog to learn the dynamics of the group and to assess if your dog will be welcome.


Once inside the park, remove your dog’s leash and keep moving with purpose, around the perimeter of the park. When your dog sees that you are ‘going places’ they will want to join you! They will sniff along the way, even while playing with their friends. If you stop moving, the risks of dogs ‘packing up’ increases and trouble (aka fights) can happen. When you KEEP MOVING your dog keeps moving and the risk of conflict is reduced.


Not all dogs are willing to share. Toys at a dog park can create unwanted competition between dogs and increase the risk of dog fights, or worse, a person getting bit. Keep dogs and people safe by leaving toys at home.


Resist the urge to pet or give a treat to any dog at the park – including yours.  When you give attention to another dog, you may find yourself bombarded by other dogs looking for attention. Or worse, the dog that you are petting or treating may be attacked by others out of jealousy or possessiveness.


Keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date for protection against easily transmitted viruses such as kennel cough. If your dog has diarrhea or other signs of illness, stay home to prevent spreading disease and parasites to other dogs. Dog park use is a privilege, so please be courteous and respectful. Always STOOP AND SCOOP to keep the area clean for others and to prevent the spread of disease.

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