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Take the LeadTM with your dog instead of letting your dog take the lead from you.

  • Are you irritated by your disobedient dog?
  • Does your pooch ignore your call and leave you frustrated?
  • Is your dog fearful around humans and other fellow four legged friends?
  • Worse yet — does your dog love to lunge or jump on your company or passers by?
  • Have you ever worked with a trainer in the past and gotten less than ideal results?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need Karen Laws, The Ontario Dog Trainer!

Karen is the dog trainer that people have turned to for over 30 years! Simply put, she successfully transforms your dog’s behavior when others have failed!

Ontario dog training

Take the LeadTMand Imagine … you and your dog in this picture!

  1. Enjoyable walks – on and off leash
  2. Off leash freedom
  3. On leash manners
  4. Polite house manners
  5. Calm ‘meet and greet’ with friends, family, and strangers.
  6. Sociable behaviour around other dogs
  7. Going to and staying in one place on command!

Ready to get started? Karen makes it easy:

  1. Call Karen: Learn how you can have the dog of your dreams!
  2. Register for your Pack Leader Session: Register with Karen today! You’ll be amazed as your unruly dog’s behavior is transformed, right before your eyes. And … your dog will be happy the entire time!

Do you want your dog to be the dog of your dreams, but don’t have the time to do the work? Register your dog for Karen’s Boarding School for Dogs for as little as two weeks. During that time your dog will receive individual, personalized training to become the dog of your dreams!

As an added bonus, I offer lifelong support for all boarding school graduates … for as long as you own your dog. I want YOU to have the dog of your dreams…for as long as you live together ! (See My Guarantee; some conditions may apply.)