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Dog and Puppy Training Services

Karen Laws Dog Training Services Take the LeadTM – a Tailor Made Approach for You and Your Dog

Take the LeadTM is an effective, yet gentle system of training that makes sense to both people and dogs. This fun, firm, and fair training method connects you with your dog by working with the natural instincts of your dog instead of against them. With our approach you will have the confidence needed to trust that your dog will obey your commands when off -leash, even when faced with distractions. This behaviour transformation happens so fast that it amazes some people! Once the training has been completed, you will enjoy the confidence of being able to let your dog off the leash with the comfort of knowing that he/she will return whenever you ask.

Most dogs and puppies perceive Take the LeadTM training as simple “pack cooperation” which is fun to them! Therefore, they quickly shake their rebellious behaviour, and give you their full attention, as they perceive you to be their pack leader. Doesn’t that sound more enjoyable than a dog that runs from you? Do you think that would be more satisfying than yanking the leash and yelling corrections at them?

Private Sessions Tailor-Made for YOU and YOUR DOG!

Private Sessions are tailored to fit your individual needs and goals. I offer these individual Do It Yourself sessions as six or more sessions of approximately one hour each with me and my pack. Between each private coaching session, I will assign homework that you will practice with your dog to build the team of your dreams! Before you know it … You will be Taking the Lead with your dog!
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Take the LeadTM Workshops to Build a Better YOU!

I host and present a series of workshops and seminars annually. Workshop presenters are leading experts in their field around the world. They are skilled at sharing their wisdom with dog owners and canine professionals alike. My goal is to share as much information as people are willing to learn to enable canine professionals and loving dog owners to enjoy a stress free relationship with their dogs, both on and off leash!
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Boarding School and Training for DogsTake the LeadTM Boarding School for Dogs.

Our unique Boarding School for Dogs is designed specifically for those who are too busy or lack the confidence to give their furry friend what he needs to be the dog of their dreams. If you are planning to go on a business trip, vacation, or simply need a break from your bad dog to enjoy a few quiet weeks at home, our dog day care is just what you and your dog need to have the lifestyle of your dreams. While you are enjoying your activities, your dog will be enjoying our healthy, home environment with me and my pack. While here, your dog will learn to:

Upon graduation you and your dog receive a detailed journal with guidance for your daily routine together, all training equipment, and follow-up sessions. Plus, support is provided for as long as your dog lives with you – guaranteed!
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